1. Campground Policy
  2. Marina Policy
  3. Cabin Policy

Campground Rules & Regulations

  1. These rules are intended to provide for the enjoyment and protection of all campers visiting the Jackson County Park.  These rules, in conjunction with the Jackson County Park Rental Agreement, govern campground operations.
  2. By occupying a campsite in Jackson County Park (either short-term or long-term), campground renter agrees to follow these rules, and acknowledges that failure to comply may result in eviction from campground. 
  3. The campground manager has full authority for judgment regarding interpretation and enforcement of these rules.
  4. Jackson County Park is located on land owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  As such, the Park and all renters/visitors must comply with TVA rules and regulations in order for the Park to remain in operation.  Any activity by renters/visitors that violates TVA rules shall be grounds for eviction.
  5. TVA rules require that campsites be used for recreational purposes only.  The use of campsites for residential use is strictly prohibited.   In accordance with this TVA rule, the following regulations apply:
    • Campground renters are required to provide proof of a permanent residence outside the Park on demand when requested by the park or by TVA.  Failure to provide sufficient proof of a permanent residence will result in eviction.
    • Campground renters are expected to reside at their permanent residence, and use their campsite for recreation on an occasional basis only.  Under normal circumstances, renters should not be occupying their campsite more than 20 days per month.
    • Campground renters cannot use the Park address to receive mail at the campground.
    • Campground renters are prohibited from using the Park address for drivers’ licenses, voter registration, or other similar official uses.
    • TVA rules also stipulate that renters cannot use the Park for any commercial activity.
  7. A camping unit is defined as motor home, camping trailer, pop-up tent or camping tent.   Camping units must be in good working order and have a neat appearance.  Only one unit per campsite.
  8. For an additional $10/night charge, a camping tent can be placed alongside the camping unit of a rented campsite for a period of no more than one week.
  9. Campers must safely place and level their camping unit on assigned site without infringing upon neighboring sites.
  10. Each camper can make use of storage units that can fit under their camping unit and not be an eyesore.  One “Rubbermaid” type storage unit the size of a storage cabinet or broom closet will be allowed per site.  NO FOOD IS ALLOWED TO BE STORED IN THESE CABINETS.  Swings, chairs, grills, etc. are allowed; however, there may not be an excessive number of these additional items.  All items outside the camping unit must not extend outside campsites.   These items cannot be an eyesore or unduly obstruct the view of neighboring sites.
  11. Minors (under 21) are not allowed to rent a campsite.   An adult (21 or older) must obtain the campsite rental and occupy the site with all minors.
  12. Only two (2) visitor vehicles are permitted per campsite.   Visiting hours end at 10:00 PM Sunday thru Thursday, and at 11:00 PM on Friday, Saturday, holidays and evenings before holidays.  Visitors must leave when the camping party checks out.  Campsite renters are responsible for the actions of their visitors (including children).
  13. If you have a visitor, you will have to go to the gate to let them in.  We will not give them a card or code to get in.  Do not let anyone that you do not know follow you into the campground gate.  The gate is under video surveillance.
  14. Anyone caught trying to raise the gate, go under the gate, follow a vehicle through the gate, run through the gate, etc. will be will be banned from the campground.  If the gate is damaged due to any of these activities, the offender will be charged with destruction of county property.  If your visitor commits any of these violations, you will be evicted.
  15. Washing of vehicles or campers in your campsite is allowed upon payment of a $5 fee.  Washing is to be done so as not to create water runoff or mess on any campsite.
  16. Rental fee for long-term sites is to be paid in advance & must be paid within 5 days of the due date.  If payment is not paid by 5 PM on the 15th of each month, a $20 late fee will be added to the account.  
  17. No permanent structures, fences, or other large items placed around camper are allowed.  No items shall be placed on a site that gives it the appearance of being a permanent site.   No digging on any site is allowed.   No tents or other temporary structures are allowed near the shoreline.
  18. Per TVA rules, no new decks will be allowed to be built in campsites.  No gazebos, patios, or other similar structures will be allowed.  Existing decks already in campsites as of January, 2022 will be allowed to remain for the time being.  However, these existing decks would have to be removed if TVA mandates it.
  19. Campers are to keep all their items within their campsite.   Be mindful of other campers’ needs for privacy and respect their rented campsites.  Do not infringe on other campsites with vehicles, boats, hammocks, wood piles, etc.  Maximum vehicles allowed include camper, two vehicles, 1 golf cart, and 1 boat.
  20. No ATVs, UTVs, 4-wheelers, motorized trail bikes or go-carts allowed in Jackson County Park.  
  21. Golf carts are allowed in the campground, but they must abide by same laws/rules as vehicles.  Golf cart rules:
    • You must be 16 years of age to drive a golf cart in the park.  
    • If a renter allows their visitor to drive a golf cart in the park, renter is responsible for making sure visitor follows all rules.
    • Carts must stay on campground roads, stay off walking trails and grassy areas, and abide by the 5 MPH campground speed limit.  
    • NO golf carts allowed outside the campgrounds after dark.
    • Any golf cart in campground after dark must have headlights & red taillights.
    • If a golf cart is driven on County Park Road, it must be in compliance with any applicable law for operation of a golf cart on a city street.
    • If a campground renter commits two golf cart rule violations, the renter will no longer be allowed to have a golf cart in the park.
  22. Campfires are allowed except for dry seasons when the area is placed under a no burn order by the Fire Marshall’s office.  The campground office will post a notice at these times.  Campfires must be contained in a fire pit or fire ring.  Campfires are not to be left unattended.  Completely extinguish campfires before leaving them unattended.  Wood piles can only be 2’ high x 4’ wide and neatly stacked.
  23. Nothing is allowed on the grass except a fire pit & a wood pile.  You can have items on the grass while you are here and using them, but everything MUST be off the grass when they are not in use and when you are not present.  Nothing should be stacked behind your camper outside of your campsite’s gravel area.  If you put down carpet in your campsite gravel area, you will be responsible for replacing gravel when carpet is removed.  Nothing can be placed in the ground anywhere on your site (stakes, poles, etc.).
  24. Campground renters cannot make any modifications to water/sewer hookups or electrical connections in any campsite.
  25. Fish cleaning is not permitted in bathhouse sinks or any part of these facilities.  NO EXCEPTIONS! Clean up after yourself and your family so that everyone can enjoy clean and sanitary facilities.  If you are caught vandalizing the bathhouse or stealing paper towels or toilet paper, you will be evicted immediately from the campground. 
  26. Quiet hours are observed Sunday-Thursday from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM and Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and evenings before holidays from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.  Yelling, loud music, or excessive noise is not allowed at any time in consideration for other campers.
  27. There are boat docks and a boat ramp inside the campground. Boat ramp and dock rules:
    • Boat launching must be done at the boat ramp in the campground or at the public ramp in the park. 
    • The dock at the boat ramp is a courtesy dock only for use when loading and unloading.  NO boats should be left at this dock unattended.  
    • All other docks in the campground are to be shared among the campers.  They are used on a first come, first serve basis by renters while they are staying in the campground.
    • Campground boat ramp and docks are only for campers in the park, and cannot be used by non-campers.
  28. All pets must be confined or be on a leash when outside.   No pet may be left outside unattended whether chained, leashed or otherwise restrained.  Clean up after your pet.  All pets must be up to date on all legally required shots such as rabies, etc.  Pets of any type that are a potential risk to the safety of our campers are not permitted in the campground at any time.   Pets that become a threat to other campers will be directed to be removed.
  29. Anyone parking vehicles or boats in vacant campsites will be expected to pay for the campsite.  No questions asked.  Do not park in the rental cabin parking area.  Your vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense if left there.  No questions asked.
  30. We provide picnic tables for transient lots only.  DO NOT remove the tables from these sites.  If long-term lot renters wish to have a picnic table, you will need to bring your own.
  31. Dumpsters around the campground & park are provided for household type trash disposal.  No trash or trash bags are to be left in campsites.  Dumpsters are only for campground renters; no outside trash dumping is allowed.
  32. Jackson County Park campground is operated in a family friendly manner and all campers should conduct themselves accordingly.   Disorderly conduct, threatening behavior, belligerence, drugs, alcohol, etc. may result in immediate expulsion from the campground.  Any camper that becomes unruly or is visibly intoxicated will be asked to leave the campground.  If a disturbance is caused and police have to be called, you will be required to vacate your campsite with no refund and will not be able to return to the campground.   Reminder: Campground renters are responsible for the actions and behavior of their visitors.
  33. No bicycles are allowed to be ridden in park after dark.   Do not ride bicycles across other campsites.  Small children riding bicycles must be supervised by an adult.  Children 15 years & under are required to wear a helmet while riding bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.
  34. Firearms are permitted during hunting seasons only.   They have to be unloaded and securely stored when not in use.
  35. Refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances are not allowed outside campers in campsites.  No exceptions.
  36. It is at the manager’s discretion to take any necessary actions to prevent damages during inclement weather, including turning off the water.